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Spine Surgery

Neuro Stimulation

Neuro Stimulation is the determining alteration of the nervous system's activity using invasive (for example microelectrodes) or non-invasive. Neuro-stimulation generally refers to the electromagnetic procedures to neuromodulation.

Neuro-stimulation technology could improve the quality of life for those who are seriously paralyzed or suffering from profound losses to several sense organs, as well as for permanent reduction of serious, chronic pain that would otherwise need constant (around-the-clock), high-dose opioid therapy (like neuropathic pain and spinal-cord injury). It acts as the key segment of neural prosthetics for hearing aids, artificial vision, artificial limbs, and brain-machine interfaces.

In the condition of neural stimulation, mostly an electrical stimulation is utilized and charge-stabilized biphasic constant current waveforms or capacitively connected charge injection procedures are chosen.

About the Neuro-stimulation System

A complete implantable neuro-stimulation system involves various components:

  • Neuro-stimulator – The device which generates the electrical impulses (implanted under the skin in your abdomen or upper buttock)
  • Leads – Thin, insulated medical wires which deliver electrical pulses to the epidural space near the spine
  • Patient’s programmer – A handheld device you could use after you leave the primary care physician’s office to customize the stimulation (within the settings your primary care physician has selected)

The neuro-stimulation system doesn’t make any noise. It might be felt as a small bump underneath your skin, but does not usually show through your clothes.

Advantages over Other Therapies

Spinal cord stimulation offers advantages over other therapies for chronic pain:

  • Unlike other chronic pain treatments or surgeries, you could experience spinal cord stimulation and see if it eases your pain before committing to the long-term therapy.
  • A trial serves as a momentary evaluation period The trial is like an injection, but instead of medication being implanted into the epidural gap, leads are positioned and connected to an external neuro-stimulator.
  • It doesn’t have to be a permanent technique. The placed neuro-stimulator could be surgically removed if you do not like it or if you decide to follow a different treatment.
  • Unlike oral medications which circulate throughout your entire body, spinal cord stimulation targets the specific region where you are feeling pain.
  • Spinal cord stimulation could be changed to address changes in pain as you switch positions throughout the day.
  • A neuro-stimulator might offer relief when other treatments such as medications or injections have not.

Dr. David Masel is well versed in minimally invasive surgery techniques to treat neurological disorders affecting the spine. If you or anyone you know is suffering from spinal injuries or spinal cord disorders like:-

  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spina bifida occulta
  • Spine trauma
  • Spinal tumors

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