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Brain Surgery

Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Minimally invasive brain surgery is used by neurosurgeons when the procedures achieve comparable or better results as compared to normal open surgical procedures. State of the art, minimally invasive computer navigated technology reduces incisions, hospital stays, and usually allows the surgeons to cosmetically hide scars. Computer navigated and stereotactic biopsies are done with the imaging to diagnose a potential brain abnormality.

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Neuro-endoscopic surgery is done because it causes minimum damage to the normal structures, carries a lower rate of problems, and achieves excellent results. Surgeons using an endoscope and computer navigated instruments could perform complicated procedures through very tiny incisions, which is particularly useful for minimally invasive techniques for the brain and the spine.

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Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a surgical technique to implant a device that transmits or sends electrical signals to brain areas responsible for body movement and certain behaviors. Electrodes are connected to a battery powered stimulator beneath the skin,similar to a pace-maker for the heart. The electrodes are implanted on both the left and right sides of the brain through small holes made at the top of the skull.

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Pituitary Tumor Excision

Most pituitary tumors could be removed by trans-sphenoidal tumor surgery. This simply means that the surgeon goes through the nose to get to the tumor. By making a small hole in the bone here, the surgeon could see the base of the pituitary gland and the tumor. The objective of the surgery is to remove as much of the tumor as is safe, and for most tumors the entire tumor could be removed safely.The success rate for getting a complete tumor resection process depends upon the kind of tumor being treated and its location.

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Surgery of the Skull Base

Skull base surgery is a surgery that is done to get rid of a tumor or other growth at the base, or bottom, of the skull. Minimally invasive skull base surgery, otherwise known as endoscopic skull base surgery, is a surgical procedure which lets doctors do this fragile surgery through the nose. Skull base surgery could be done to remove both non-cancerous and cancerous growths, and abnormalities beneath the brain, the skull base, or the top few vertebrae of the spinal column.

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